An Elemental Theory

I am -- a Daoist tells me -- a water child.
Fluid and unceasing,
Creating and destroying,

Requisite for the bounty of the field,

Harmonizing fire & steel
the ploughshare or the sword,

Essential --
the once barren wasteland,
a meditative grove,

Effacing -- a snowdrift in the city --
the cacophony of our worldly longing,
leaving only the murmerous whispering
of unsullied love,

Dammed by good intentions,
windswept by desire,
roiled by forgotten becomings,
misplaced endings,
I become a maelstrom,
hail and lightening,
a downpour.

Laying waste to the levy,
a flood breaking across the plain --
unrespecting of border or boundary,
& forever erasing the landscape of all our knowing,
altering the unalterable altar of our vanity --
the mistaken eternity of our misbelief,

Seeking only the level,
Seeking stillness.

A reflecting pool,
a drying puddle beneath the welcome unanticipated warmness of the sun.

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  • aunt ros snow wrote:

    Matt, how beautiful this sustained metaphor and the commanding verbs that show strengthens importance

    I love this poem and its sounds and rhythms.

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